Ep. 137: Best Arizona RV Travel | camping hiking

In this episode of Grand Adventure, we look back on our favorite RV travel and camping across the state of Arizona, from Grand Canyon National Park, Flagstaff, …

32 thoughts on “Ep. 137: Best Arizona RV Travel | camping hiking

  1. Jesi B says:

    Marc, your videos are always great! And not just for travel planning, also great winter days stuck inside and Nat Geo doesn't have as good a program to watch. More like Wild America, which is one of my absolute favorites! So glad you joined our group!

  2. Bruce H says:

    That was a most excellent job of showcasing the diversity of Arizona. There is the beautiful high country camping in the summer and the spectacular desert areas to explore in the winter.

    Glad to see you included the one and only Quartzsite. It seems people either love it or hate it. I just got back from there after boondocking for a couple of weeks on the BLM. With all those vendors, it was an expensive trip! It was also a great time. I've been going there since the early 90s.

  3. Susan Boudreau says:

    You are my go to YouTube channel for Boondocking and travel your videos are excellent I start my journey full time in mid June of this year thank you so much I appreciate every video do you ever do meet ups I would love to pick your brain sometime about some of your Boondocking spot if you’re willing to share?

  4. J Barrett says:

    Video quality calm direct pace of description make these destinations feel so in reach.. I've done Sedona flagstaff but never Grand Canyon.. Although I've been to copper canyon in Mexico .. Thanks for sharing

  5. Eric Moore says:

    I remember your video of the donkeys, that was about a year ago. I thought that was pretty interesting seeing the donkeys roaming the streets.
    Anyways, on another note, I heard while at work today , that there was an avalanche at Alta ? But after getting home, I realized it didn't just happened, but occurred last Friday.
    I was thinking about you when I heard this, since you have season pass. I gather you're alright and were not skiing that day.


    Great video as usual. That looks like a shot of The Chapel of the Holy Cross in the beginning part about Sedona. Lots of fun things to seein AZ. I saw one of the rarest things in the petrified forest. There was running water by the visitors center after a rain.😊
    I will be out that way next month to Tucson for the FMCA 101st Rally and RV expo. Come on over and visit. https://www.fmca.com/fmca-event-registration

  7. Tracy Stella says:

    Thanks as always for sharing. I think I am gonna go back and watch some of those videos again! I am sure I'll learn something new because the first times around I was in awe of the videography and trying to pay attention to what information you are sharing!

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